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Get Out of My Puddle! - Encouragement Café - June 13

Get Out of My Puddle!
By Lisa Albinus

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Ephesians 3:20 NLT

Concord Mills, an outlet shopper's dream, is in my backyard. Nestled on the highway in front of the mall is a drain-off “pond”. This pond is home to seagulls and families of geese that create goslings each Spring. Their world is a little oasis amongst the cars whizzing by, mall shoppers frantic for a parking spot, and a world too busy for goslings. 

I often find myself stuck at the red light that sits next to this little ecosystem that continues year after year. I lose myself in the seagull’s flight, telling them to trust in something more.

Little seagull, there is an ocean out there and you are content in a drain-off pond. There is so much more waiting for you.

Little goslings, there is an outright pond right down the road, with wooden bridges and turtles, a shore line and green fields. You have to strike out to find what’s waiting.

Ephesians 3:20 promises us that He can accomplish MORE than we can possibly fathom or imagine, MORE than we can ask, MORE than we can think.   Do you find yourself splashing in a puddle, rather than trusting in the depth of the ocean- and the God that can take you there? 

What is your biggest dream, your biggest hope? When you limit God with a box, a ceiling to your dreams, you limit the possibility of an ocean of possibilities and ask for a drain-off pond of predictable opportunities.

If HE has planted a dream within your heart, He has the means and the power to manifest it in your life. Like the seagull at the drain-off pond, are you willing to trust in the winds of the Spirit to move you where you need to be to take the next steps? If you are waiting for a clear plan of what it will look like, I am afraid you will spend your life looking toward the horizon. You will sense the salt of the ocean air, but because you can’t see it, you don’t take the next step and you become comfortable in your present circumstances. 

In my experience, He reveals the majesty of His plans for our lives…one….step….at…a….time. The seagull has to take flight and catch the wind, the gosling has to break out and trust there’s more than a drain-off pond.

Are you willing to take the next step? 

Are you willing to accept that you have no idea where the journey may end? 

Are you willing to let go of control and trust in the Will of God for your life?

First, how about if you clearly define your dream.  Write down the thing that delights your soul to think about.  You know the thing you have almost given up on? Let’s take it out of the hidden, forgotten chambers of your heart and write it down. Look – your dream now takes up a physical place in the world!

Now let’s pray a fearless prayer:

Lord, I say yes to whatever You require of me today to take the next step into this dream that You have planted in my heart.  Awaken my Spirit to discern Your voice and Your plans from the clutter that surrounds me. Let’s go on an adventure together. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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