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Rise, Pray, and Start Your Day - Encouragement Café - May 11

Rise, Pray, and Start Your Day
By Lara Sadowski

In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there. Mark 1:35 NASB

Our lives can be a little noisy at times. Can I hear a collective Amen? 

We have jobs in the home or outside the home. We have children who need to be taken to school and to after-school activities. Some of us are taking care of elderly parents. And let’s not forget about the endless meals that need to be cooked (and groceries bought). Whew! I am out of breath just typing this. 

All of these tasks are good, but sometimes they don’t leave much room for quiet. Specifically, quiet time with Jesus. 

When I am exhausted from a jam-packed schedule, I cannot think of adding one more item to my day lest I fall to my knees and dream about another cup of caffeine or a “Calgon, take me away” moment. What are we to do?

In today’s Scripture in Mark 1, Jesus gives us a good indication on how we can find peace. Jesus got up when it was still dark, went to a private place, and prayed to His Father. 

But doesn’t Jesus understand that I need my sleep? Doesn’t He understand that many of us already rise early to get our families and ourselves out the door and into traffic? Oh, sisters, He absolutely understands, but He also knows what we need. Let’s look at His example in a little more detail.

Rise Early

Jesus knew that when He started His day with His Father first, He would be ready to do the work His Father had for Him to accomplish. We are no different. Getting up a little earlier to begin our day with God fills our hearts with peace. 

Pick Your Spot

I have to admit that I have gotten overwhelmed when trying to find a place to have my quiet time with The Lord. In my mind, I think it has to look perfect. And when I cannot find that perfect place, I give up. The Lord does not care if you go into a linen closet or sit at your kitchen table. He just wants to spend time with you. And when we allow God to pour Himself into us first thing, we are prepared for the day. 

Spend Time with God

There have been countless articles on how to have a powerful quiet time with God, and I have gotten many good ideas from them. I can tend to make things too complicated, including my time with God. When we make a coffee date with a friend, do we take a checklist on what we need to say and accomplish? Of course not. We go, order some coffee or tea, and spend time with our friend. We laugh. We cry. We talk. We listen. That is exactly what God wants us to do in our time with Him. 

Friends, I am so thankful that The Bible just doesn’t tell us what is good for us; it demonstrates it, too. This verse in Mark gives us a glimpse on how Jesus starts His day: communing with His Father early in the morning in a quiet place. I am excited to do this, sisters. Let’s all give it a try. The Lord is smiling now, knowing He is going to spend time with His daughters. Don’t worry about how long you spend with Him, where you spend time with Him or what you are going to say or do in your time with Him. Let’s just do it. Our days and lives will be better for it. 

Thank you, Jesus, for showing us how to rise, pray and start our days!

Set your alarm to get up just 15 minutes earlier and ask God to meet with You. Ask Him to speak to you through His Word and tell Him what is on your heart. He cannot wait to spend time with you! 

Father God, Thank You for Jesus’ example of how to begin our days. You know Your daughters have full schedules and have so much to do, but please give us a hunger and thirst to begin our days with You first. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

© 2021 by Lara Sadowski.  All rights reserved.

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