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What a Girl Wants - Encouragement Café - September 29, 2016

  • 2016 Sep 29

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What a Girl Wants
By Michelle Axton Kelly
Thursday, September 29, 2016

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens anotherProverbs 27:17 NIV

What a girl wants?  

If we shared our list, I bet having a good girlfriend or two would make the cut.  

I realized the importance of friendship while stumbling bleary-eyed through babyville, toddlerhood, sibling adventures and preschool independence.  At each stage, I’ve been greeted by women who provided mommy confidence and encouragement.

And yet, if you are like me, girl time gets placed on hold.  It’s a precious casualty left behind in the dust of packed family schedules.  But God tells us to make it a priority.  

In fact, the Bible is full of beautiful relationships that glorify Him.  Biblical friendships are modeled by the likes of Ruth and Naomi, Elijah and Elisha, and Job’s friends who supported him during his greatest trials.  

Friends can sharpen us with new ideas, challenges and insight.  They grace us with mercy, forgiveness and support.

Below I offer5 Ways for a Busy Mom to Connect:

-       Be convincedthat you are not being selfish by building this time for yourself.  Throughout the Bible we are taught that keeping wise counsel with others, as described in Proverbs 27:17, will help us to grow healthier physically and spiritually.

-       Be aware of opportunities to meet and connect with other moms.  I met one of my closest friends on a walk in our neighborhood pushing a new stroller.  I met another treasure standing in line to mail a package at a post office.  Seek moms who have children the same age as yours while out and about.  It’s a safe bet that you will have something in common.

-       Be bold by suggesting a time and place to get together.  Let’s face it, my best intentions can be pushed aside in the rush of our days.  But if I put something on the calendar, even if it needs to be shifted later, there is a strong chance we will get together.

-       Be consistent in reaching out to one, two or three friends a week.  This could be via a quick text, a call while loading the dishes, or while out on a kid-less errand.  Just like our families, friendships require nurturing.

-       Be an example for your kids by showing them how to make a new friend.  At first, the prospect may seem scary.  But if you practice, in no time you will have a support system in place to encourage, counsel, pray and celebrate with you.

Set the goal of making at least one new friend this season by looking for moms with children the same age.  In addition, commit to reaching out once a week to an existing friend to let them know they are special to you.  The blessing will be abundant as you nurture her heart…and yours.

Dear God, thank you for the delight and encouragement that is free to us via a friendship modeled after Your Scripture.  Please place those perfect persons you have in store for my life in my path.  May we connect and enrich each other’s lives as daughters, wives, and mothers. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

© 2016 by Michelle Axton Kelly.  All rights reserved.

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