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I Know That Love - Encouragement Café - June 3, 2015

I Know That Love

Café Menu for Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Today’s Special is: Familiar with His Love

Carefully prepared just for you by your friend, Dawn Mast                         

Main Ingredient:

O Lord you have searched me and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely, O Lord.

Psalm 139: 1-4 NIV


The room was full of children. They were all small, adorable and had a sweet tenderness about them. I was sitting down just chatting with the other adults when my 3 year-old niece came over and plopped herself beside me.

She was smiling, and when I looked at her, I suddenly saw my sister (her mother) in her tiny features. Her hair color, the way she tilted her head to one side and the shape of her nose were a miniature version of my sister.

I was instantly flooded with a deeper love and tenderness for my sweet niece because I recognized her Mama in her features. So much of her mirrored someone else I loved too, and it just multiplied my love for this darling little girl.

The Lord took that moment to declare to my heart an unvarnished truth I needed to know.

This is how I love you. When I recognize My Son in you, I love you and you stand out more than the rest.

Does He love me more than other people? No! But, I had been wondering out of all the 6 billion people in the world how could God love me? See me? Know me? Care for me?

He just does. He takes this feeling a step further though when we make the decision to believe in His Son and trust Him with our life. Then, He recognizes Jesus in us and that love goes even deeper.

It's that feeling of being in an unknown, crowded place where no one is familiar and then you see a family member. Suddenly you can relax and say, "Ahhh. Here is one of my own." The Lord loves us enough to call us the apple of His eye (Zechariah 2:8). We are His own and He has called us by name (Isaiah 43:1).

Take Out:

Is it hard for you to fathom that the Lord loves you?

If you wonder how He could love you because of what you've done, where you've been or the choices you've made, rest assured; He knew we all needed a Savior so He sent His Son, Jesus to show His love to us. Lean on Him. Ask Him to show you His love. He will be faithful to show you! Read Scripture that points you to His loving Word.

And remember, He does love you even when you don't understand how or why. That's who He is.


Father God, Your Word says You are Love. What a gift and a treasure to serve the God of Love! Thank You for showing us Your Love through Jesus and for recognizing us as a family of believers who worship in Spirit and in Truth. Help us to show the Love of Christ to a world in need of love so that we may add to the family of believers. Thank You for always loving us and for sending Jesus so that we may know that You so loved the world. Amen!

© 2015 by Dawn Mast. All rights reserved.

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