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Every Day Light 12/11

December 11
Always More to Follow
James 4
"'God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.'" (v. 6)

Why have some Christians received more grace? If, as we said, grace is undeserved favor, does that mean God has favorites? Is there something capricious about the Almighty's allocation of help to His children? Some secular writers have portrayed God as being like men and women, biased in His affections and having an inexplicable preference for one person and disinterest in another. But surely God does not take "a fancy" to some people and not others. There is favor to be found in God, but no favoritism. His favor moves to all who are willing and eager to receive it. But to return to our question: Why do some receive more grace than others? I think the main reason must be this -- they know that there is grace to be had. Sometimes I come across Christians who think that God's only concern is to get us on to the pilgrim way and that He then leaves us to our own devices.


You can tell such people by the way they talk about their conversion -- and nothing more. They seem unconcerned about the fact that God's great aim is not simply to bring us into the Christian life but to develop us in it. He is not content with calling us "saints" but making us saints; not simply cancelling sin but breaking its power over us. Those who use God's grace are those who know He has plenty to give. Of this they are confident, and thus they keep it in mind all the time. When they have used what they have, they know there is always more to follow.



O Father, what a comfort it is to know that however much I draw on Your grace there is always more to follow. I cannot draw heavily on many things but I can draw heavily on You. May this be more than an idea; may it be a fact. In Christ's Name. Amen.


For Further Study

Romans 5:1-15; Titus 2:111 Timothy 1:14

1. To whom did grace overflow?

2. What was Paul's testimony to Timothy?


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