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Devotional For Dieters 8/7

  • 2020 Aug 07

August 7

Proverbs 3:26
For the Lord shall be thy confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being taken.

Norm felt drowsy, but he didn't want to stop. He only had a few miles to go, to get home. Home. He began thinking about how nice it would be to get there and fall into a comfortable bed. Be-fore he knew it, he was dropping off to sleep. He came to with a jolt as his fender scraped along the guardrail at the side of the road. Thank God for the guard-rail. Without it, Norm didn't know where he'd be. We need guardrails. They keep us from pitching off into nothingness; past the point of no return. God can be our guardrail, keeping us from indulging our appetites past reasonable limitations. Truly, He keeps us from falling.

Today's thought: Food is a trap I'd rather not fall into!

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