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The Journey - June 3, 2015

  • 2015 Jun 03

The Journey with Ron Moore

All You Need When You Need It | Psalm 78:23-31

Today's Passage: Psalm 78:23-31
Key Verses: Psalm 78:23-25

Yet he gave a command to the skies above and opened the doors of the heavens; he rained down manna for the people to eat, he gave them the grain of heaven. Human beings ate the bread of angels; he sent them all the food they could eat.

Psalm 78 is a review of how God provided for Israel throughout their history. He delivered them, sustained them and led them - and sometimes he had to teach them hard lessons.

After God freed them from slavery, opened the Red Sea, took care of the Egyptians, and gave them food and water, some people in Israel started complaining . . . again. They were tired of eating the manna and wanted some meat, so he gave them all the quail they could eat. "They ate till they were gorged — he had given them what they craved." Then he disciplined the ones who had forgotten his goodness and questioned his love.

God reminds us time and again that he will provide. If you are anxious for something to happen in your life, stay confident in God's power to provide. Wait for his perfect timing. You can be sure that he will give you just what you need, just when you need it - every time.

Father, I am tempted to take matters into my own hands. Help me leave them with you. I am tempted to run ahead. Help me follow you. I am tempted to question. Help me trust you. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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