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What are You Doing with Your Anger? - From His Heart - March 20


For the churning of milk produces butter, and pressing the nose brings forth blood; so the churning of anger produces strife.
Proverbs 30:33

Any college football team knows about rivalry games. There are just some special match-ups where the stakes are higher and the emotions run hotter. That is especially true concerning the Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma Sooners. Texas-OU weekend in Dallas in October often sees fan fights as the animosity toward one another runs as deep as the Red River.

Obviously, these “fighting fans” let their anger run amok. They churn their anger, work themselves into a frenzy, and, no doubt, regret the strife that invariably ensues. Anger is like that. If you churn it and turn it over and over in your mind and heart, you will see harmful, hurtful results. Many have been murdered because of churned anger. If you don’t believe me, just ask Cain and Abel.


God never wants us to churn and chew on our anger. To churn and chew on anger is as foolish as rolling around in Poison Ivy. Surely no one would do that, right?

Perhaps you are angry toward a boss who mistreated you, or a spouse who betrayed you, or a relative who abused you, or a dad who wasn’t there for you, or a coach who cut you, or a teacher who embarrassed you, or a former friend who stabbed you in the back. When that person’s name is mentioned in conversation, you can feel your stomach start to churn and begin to taste the bitterness in your mouth toward that terrible, horrible, hypocritical person. Inflicting harm on that “evil” person sure sounds like a great plan, doesn’t it? Surely God would want you to take the bull by the horns and get even, right? WRONG!

“Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, ‘Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,’ says the Lord” (Romans 12:19).


Anger typically comes about because something happened to you or someone you love that you did not like, did not want, or did not think was right. Yet, God in His providence allowed it to touch your life. Therefore, when you feel anger welling up inside of you, instead of churning it, chewing on it, and letting it produce strife, give it to God. You can choose His grace to help you in your time of need. His grace, the desire and power to live for Christ and rise above, is sufficient for every situation you and I will ever encounter.

Are you angry today? Are you churning your anger? Is the rancid butter of strife, discord, resentment and disharmony starting to ooze out of your life like pus from a boil? (I was extra graphic here on purpose to help see what God sees when you churn your anger.) Put down the churning-stick, and give your anger to God. Let Him repay those who have wronged you. Choose His grace, and allow the Lord to take the ashes of your hurt and anger and turn them to gold.


Dear Father, I have been holding on to anger, churning it, and chewing on it … and I need to stop. I confess what I have been doing is a sin, and it is very displeasing to You. Forgive me, Lord. By faith, I put down the churn-stick and turn this situation over to You. I choose Your grace to help me rise above. Bring back the joy, Lord, as I walk in the light with You. In Jesus’ name. Amen!


Pastor Jeff Schreve,
From His Heart Ministries

Dr. Jeff Schreve believes that no matter how badly you may have messed up in life, God still loves you and has a wonderful plan just for you. From His Heart provides real truth, love and hope on over 700 radio stations each day, in 182 countries each week on TV, and is always available online. Pastor Jeff takes no income from this ministry. All donations go to furthering the broadcast outreach. As a listener/viewer supported ministry, we thank you for joining with us to help speak the truth in love to a lost and hurting world. Go to for more information.


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