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From His Heart - Week of January 20

Remembering The Day

They did not remember His power, the day when He redeemed them from the adversary.
Psalm 78:42

Certain days stand out in our memories.  Many people remember where they were and what they were doing when:

1.     JFK was assassinated.
2.     The OJ verdict came down.
3.     9-11 hit.

You know the day we are supposed to remember often?  The day of our redemption.  Do you remember that day … the day “He delivered you from the domain of darkness, and transferred you to the kingdom of His beloved Son”? (Colossians 1:13). 


I often think of that day.  I was a 17-year-old high school senior.  I was a jock, in the popular group, and thought I was all that and a bag of chips.  I lived to play basketball, chase girls, and party on the weekends.  While I wasn’t a “bad” kid or a criminal or an atheist, I was definitely lost.  I knew about God, I just didn’t know Him or give Him much thought at all. 

In January of my senior year, all that changed.  I began to date a really pretty girl at my school (Cypress Creek High in Houston, Texas) who just happened to be a Christian.  I wasn’t quite sure what exactly a Christian was … I just knew she was good-looking, and I wanted to go out with her. 

On one of our early dates, we went to a Young Life meeting on a Tuesday night.  I hated it.  It was like church on Tuesday.  I felt like I had gotten roped into something I didn’t want.  I told her point blank, “I’m not going to that again!”  And she said, “Then I’m not going out with you again.”  I said, “Fine … when is the next meeting?” (I really liked her!)

It was at the next meeting, on a Monday night, that I heard a former college football player, beer drinker, and skirt-chaser share his testimony.  He was my kind of guy, and God used his story to touch my heart. 

After that meeting, all alone in my room, God showed me how much I needed Him.  He showed me how I was not ready to die … and if I did die right then, I would go to hell.  I got down on my knees and asked Jesus, in repentance and faith, to save me.  And you know what?  HE DID!  

That Monday night in January of 1980, I passed out of death into life.  That night I was redeemed from the hand of the adversary and made a child of God.  That Monday night, my name was recorded in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and Jesus, by His Spirit, came to live within me. 

That night changed my whole life … and I revisit that night often.  It was the night of my redemption.


Has there been a day for you?  Do you know for certain that you have been redeemed … that Jesus by His Spirit lives in you?  If so, revisit that event often and praise Him for it.  Remember that day and stand in awe of His amazing grace that saved a wretch like you.  Remembering the day keeps the gratitude flowing in your heart.

If there is no day to remember because you have never been redeemed, do what I did and get on your knees and ask Jesus to save you and be real in you.  He will answer any honest, heart-felt cry for salvation.  He longs to save anyone who will turn to Him.  How do I know?  Because He did it for me … and He promises in His Word: “Whoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved” (Romans 10:13).

Remember and rejoice! 



Jeff Schreve

Jeff Schreve is Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Texarkana, Texas. He and his wife Debbie have been married for over 20 years and are blessed with three wonderful girls. Jeff began From His Heart Ministries, a radio and television ministry, in January of 2005. This ministry is completely listener/viewer supported. It continues only through the faithful and generous gifts of people like you. Pastor Jeff takes no salary from this ministry. All gifts go to further the broadcast.


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