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From His Heart - Week of June 1

Have You Opened the Door for the Devil?

Do not let the sun go down on your anger, and do not give the devil an opportunity [place].  Ephesians 4:26-27

Do you remember the 1981 movie Cujo?  It was a horror/thriller film about a rabid, crazed St. Bernard who went on the attack, terrorizing a woman and her asthmatic son who ended up trapped in their broken-down car in the driveway of a lonely farm house.  Anytime the mom opened her car door to attempt a dash into the farm house, Cujo would be all over her.  She had to continually run back to the car and quickly slam the door, lest crazy Cujo get inside and maul her and her son to death.  Without question, she could NOT let Cujo get in! 

The devil is Cujo on steroids.  He is prowling about, seeking someone to devour.  If you allow him to come inside your home, your life, your family ... you will experience profound misery and devastation.  Jesus told us that the devil is a thief who “comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy” (John 10:10). 
Of course, no one would be so foolish as to leave the door open so Satanic Cujo could come in, would they?  Tragically, people do it all the time.  They forget that the devil is prowling around out there, and they foolishly give him an open door, clear and easy access to their lives and loved ones.        
What are the ways people open the door to the devil?
1.  Unresolved anger.  If you let the sun go down on your anger, that anger turns to resentment and bitterness.  A resentful, bitter heart is a comfortable, inviting nest for the foul birds of hell.  It is a welcome mat for Satan to set up his shop of horrors in your life. 
2.  Rebellion towards authority.  The Bible tells us that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft (1 Sam. 15:23).  If you refuse to obey and submit to the authorities God has purposely placed in your life, you are acting just like the devil, the original rebel who led a revolt against the God of heaven.  Rebellion towards authority reveals a heart of rebellion against God who clearly sets up all authority (see Romans 13:1-2).        
3.  Willful disobedience.  If you are walking in willful, known disobedience and sin, the Bible makes it clear that you are walking in the darkness, not the light (see 1 John 1).  A walk in the darkness is a walk with the devil, the Prince of Darkness.   
4.  Provision for the Flesh.  Romans 13:14 tells us, “But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh with regard to its lusts.”  Suppose you are struggling with alcohol, trying not to drink because drinking is wrecking your life.  If you keep alcohol in the house, you are making provision for the flesh and will never conquer that demon.  Whatever you are struggling with—drugs, sexual immorality, gambling, unhealthy relationships—if you don't make a clean break from that which is destroying you, you will never break free, no matter how much you “pray about it.”    
Let me encourage you to search your heart to see if any of these things are present within you.  If so, confess it to God and a trusted friend (see James 5:16).  Grant and seek forgiveness so that the root of bitterness can be removed.  Put yourself under God’s authority and the human authorities He has ordained.  Don’t rebel, submit.  Make needed changes in your life and relationships.  Do whatever is necessary to slam the door on the devil!  Don’t give him a place in your life because nothing but heartache and pain comes when Cujo is allowed inside.

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