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Take This Job and Love It - From His Heart - Week of November 15


"Tell slaves who are believers to place themselves under their masters' authority in everything they do. Tell them to please their masters, not to argue with them or steal from them.  Instead, tell slaves to show their masters how good and completely loyal they can be.  Then they will show the beauty of the teachings about God our Savior in everything they do."  Titus 2:9-10 GW

Do you remember a singer named Donald Eugene Lytle? Probably not. But you may know him by his stage name, Johnny Paycheck. He was rather famous for a country song that talked about his miserable job … a job he quit, burning his bridge on the way out the door. “Take This Job and Shove It” was a number one hit in 1977 partly because it captured the sentiment shared by millions of employees. To be sure, tons of people hate their job.           
How about you? How do you like your job? Is it terrific, terrible, or tolerable? 
How would you like to “take this job and love it”? How would you like to turn your job into a joy?  Is that even possible?  Yes! 
In Titus 2:9-10, God gives a command to slaves, those folks in society who didn't have a choice concerning their job.  God tells them how they are to act and react "on the job" and with their boss.  The command to them in the first century is the command to us in the twenty-first century.  Doing what God says to do is the key to seeing your job in a whole different light.    
What is the purpose of your job, anyway?  Is it just a necessary evil, what you have to do to make a living?  The popular bumper sticker of a few years ago stated, "I owe, I owe, so off to work I go."  Is the job just what you have to do so you can maintain your lifestyle?  Is that the way God wants us to view our work?  Absolutely not. 
Your job, no matter what it is (provided it is not immoral or illegal), is designed to be a ministry, not a monotony.  First and foremost, God has provided that job for you so that you can be a witness for Him.  He wants to use you on the job to "show the beauty of the teachings about God our Savior." 
Employees who exhibit the godly qualities of faithfulness, honesty, integrity, and responsibility with a submissive, positive, "can do" attitude honor and glorify Jesus Christ on the job.  They stand out like an oasis in the desert.  They shine for Christ in an increasingly dark and depraved world.    
Daniel was such an employee.  He worked for a pagan, ruthless, maniacal boss named Nebuchadnezzar (nicknamed Bubba).  Bubba ran the evil empire known as Babylon, a vicious entity that had murdered many of Daniel's countrymen, decimated his homeland, and burned the holy temple to the ground.  Yet in spite of all of this, Daniel served God by working honestly, diligently, and wisely for the king.  And in the end, the power of Daniel's life and witness helped bring Bubba to a saving knowledge of the Lord (see Daniel 4). 
Christian, your job is your ministry.  Your marketplace is your mission field.  The world is full of corner-cutting, clock-watching, disagreeable and dishonest employees who do the minimum and milk the system every chance they get.  As a child of the King of kings, you are called to a higher calling.  You are called to represent Jesus Christ in your workplace. 
Ask God to help you see your job from His perspective.  Ask Him to shine through you as you work for Him in your place of employment.  Take advantage of the opportunities He affords you to make an impact for Jesus among your co-workers as you rise and shine in the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Jeff Schreve

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