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How Much More! - From His Heart - May 22


If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Father in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him!
Matthew 7:11

A while back, I was flipping channels on the TV and came across the movie Radio, a heartwarming true story of a head football coach who befriends a special needs man and makes him part of the team. In one scene, Radio is eating at a diner with Coach Jones. At the end of the meal, Coach Jones asks about dessert. The waitress says, "We have peach cobbler and blackberry cobbler." Coach Jones says, "What will it be, Radio... peach or blackberry?" Radio answered boldly, "Both!" Coach Jones smiled... and happily bought him both! How cool is that?

I think that far too many Christians fail to see that God is a God who likes to load His children down with blessings. He is not the God of barely enough, or adequate life... He is the God of abundant life... the God of "both"... the God of "how much more"... the God who delights to do exceeding abundantly beyond all we ask or think!


Let me ask you a question: How much spiritual pie might you be missing out on simply because you are not asking and believing God for BIG things... for the "much more"? If you and I are truly honest, we have probably missed out on a lot. But that can change... starting today!

Begin seeing God as the wonderful, loving Father that the Bible clearly declares Him to be. Step up your prayers to a new level - not a new level of selfishness (see James 4:3) - but a new level of faith. Begin praying for BIG miracles. Since He said He is able to do far more than we ask or think, ask and think bigger than ever before.

As the poem says...

You are coming to a King
Large petitions with you bring
For His grace and power are such
No one can ever ask too much.

May you and I trust the good and loving heart of God like Radio trusted Coach Jones. May we see and experience the "much more" of the Christian life that the Father longs to give us.


Pastor Jeff Schreve,
From His Heart Ministries

Dr. Jeff Schreve believes that no matter how badly you may have messed up in life, God still loves you and has a wonderful plan just for you. From His Heart provides real truth, love and hope on over 700 radio stations each day, in 182 countries each week on TV, and is always available online. Pastor Jeff takes no income from this ministry. All donations go to furthering the broadcast outreach. As a listener/viewer supported ministry, we thank you for joining with us to help speak the truth in love to a lost and hurting world. Go to for more information.


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