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Girlfriends in God - Feb. 14, 2008


February 14, 2008

Got Friends?

Mary Southerland



Today’s Truth

“And so I am giving a new commandment to you now – love each other just as much as I love you. Your strong love for each other will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” John 13:34-35


Friend to Friend

We all need friends. In fact, we were created to need each other. In his book, “The Broken Heart”, Dr. James J. Lynch shows that lonely people live significantly shorter lives than the general population. Yes, there are different levels of friendships, friends we see occasionally and friends with whom we share everything. There are even different seasons of friendships. But at the core of every healthy friendship is a giving heart.


I often hear the words, “I just don’t have any friends!” In many cases, I suspect the reason is that people are looking for what they can get out of a relationship instead of what they can give to that relationship.


Have you ever considered the idea that friendships are primarily opportunities for giving? Jesus Christ powerfully illustrated this truth when He came to earth, lived as man, died on the cross and rose from the dead – all because of love, all because He wanted to give to those He loved. And God is calling us to share that same love with others.


Chad was a shy, quiet little boy. One day he came home and told his mother he'd like to make a valentine for everyone in his class. Her heart sank. "I wish he wouldn't do that!" she thought. She had watched the children when they walked home from school. Her Chad was always behind them. They laughed and hung on to each other and talked to each other. But Chad was never included. Nevertheless, she decided she would go along with her son. She purchased the paper, glue and crayons and for three whole weeks, night after night, Chad painstakingly made thirty-five valentines.


Valentine's Day dawned, and Chad was frantic with excitement! He carefully placed the valentines in a bag, and bolted out the door. His mom decided to bake his favorite cookies because she knew he would be disappointed when he came home from school. It hurt her to think that he wouldn't get many valentines -- maybe none at all. That afternoon she had the cookies and milk on the table.


Finally, when she heard their voices, she looked out the window to see the children laughing and having the best time. As usual, there was Chad in the rear but walking a little faster than usual. She fully expected him to burst into tears as soon as he got inside. His arms were empty, she noticed, and when the door opened, she choked back the tears. "Honey, I have some warm cookies and milk for you” but he hardly heard her words. He just marched right on by, his face glowing, and all he could say was: "Not a one -- not a one." The mother’s heart sank. Then he added, "I didn't forget a one, not a single one!"


And so it is when God and His love are at the center of our friendships. Does the world know we are His disciples by the way we love each other – by our friendships?


Let’s Pray

Father, thank You for the miracle of Your great love that is powerfully at work in me. Help me to respond to that love by loving others. Help me to be a better friend. Transform my heart and then use me to give Your love away in friendship. I want to obey You in every area of life. I pray that my friendships reflect Your love, encourage others and please You.

In Jesus’ name,



Now It’s Your Turn

  • Make a list of your five best friends.
  • Choose one action that you can put into practice for each friend.
  • Keep a journal and record the changes and blessings that these choices bring.
  • Ask God to bring new friendships into your life. Loneliness is one of the greatest battles we face and one of Satan’s favorite areas of attack. Don’t let anyone rob you of the joy of having friends who love you and are willing to stand with you – no matter what. They are out there! Don’t give up until you find them!


More from the Girls

Gwen, Sharon and I want to wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day! We love you and to us, you are very special. Thank you for allowing us to come into your home each day, sharing our lives with you. And thank you for your many emails, sharing your lives with us. That is what GIG is all about! We are in this together, girlfriend.


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