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How’s Your Prayer Life? - Girlfriends in God - March 26, 2015

March 26, 2015
How’s Your Prayer Life?
Mary Southerland

Today’s Truth

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you(1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

Friend to Friend

I will never forget the first time I met Ginger Meador.

When I started travelling and speaking, I quickly learned that I needed to bathe everything I did in prayer

I always called a few friends and asked them to pray for each speaking event … and they did. But as my ministry grew, I began to sense the need for someone who could follow up on the growing number of prayer requests I received – not to mention the needs of my own family and personal ministry. It was getting overwhelming - fast! 

And then Gwen and I went to Mississippi.

The event director took us to the auditorium where the event would be held. When I saw the white tent sitting at the back of the auditorium, I was intrigued.

“It’s our prayer tent,” Pam explained. As I was introduced to Ginger, the Holy Spirit whispered to my heart, “That’s her!” And it was. It still is. When I asked Ginger to pray about directing my prayer team, she said she would pray about it. Perfect answer!

Today, Ginger and her husband John not only pray for Dan and me and our family, they have become precious friends. Ginger fields hundreds of prayer requests each week and sends them out to our team of twenty prayer warriors who respond to and pray for every single request we receive. Over the years we have seen God work miracles in the lives of so many women as well as in our own lives through prayer.

God keeps driving home this truth: prayer works!

Someone recently sent me a story that beautifully illustrates the power of prayer. During a storm, there was a shipwreck. Only two men were able to swim to a small deserted island. Not knowing what else to do, they agreed to pray. To find out whose prayers were more powerful, they decided to divide the territory between them and stay on opposite sides of the island. 

When the first man reached his side of the island, he prayed for food when he got hungry. Then he prayed for a wife when he got lonely. Next he prayed for a house, clothes, and more food. All of his prayers were answered.

The second man’s side of the island remained barren.

The first man finally prayed for a ship so he and his wife would be rescued. The next morning, a ship was docked on his side of the island.

He and his wife boarded the ship. Since none of the second man’s prayers had been answered, he considered the man unworthy and decided to leave him on the island.

As the ship was about to leave, the man heard God’s voice, “Why are you leaving your companion on the island?” 

“My blessings are mine alone since I was the one who prayed for them,” he answered. “His prayers were all unanswered. He doesn’t deserve anything.”

“You are wrong,” God replied. “He had only one prayer, which I answered. If not for that one prayer, you would not have received any of My blessings.”

The man asked, “What did he pray for that I should owe him anything?”

“He prayed that all your prayers would be answered,” God said.

Our blessings are rarely the result of our prayers alone, but because someone else prayed for us as well. I often tell Ginger that I would not get out of bed in the mornings if I didn’t know that she and John and the prayer team were praying for me. Seriously!

Christians are to pray non-stop, especially for each other. When you are in need, ask for prayer. And when someone asks you to pray for them – pray. Pray with them over the phone. Stop in the middle of the store or sidewalk and pray. Pray with your children on the way to school. Write a note of prayer. Ask your waiter or waitress how you can pray for them. Make prayer a natural and ongoing part of your day and life.

Prayer isn't a religious exercise. It isn’t a holy vending machine or a certain number of hoops through which we must jump in order for God to hear and respond.

Prayer is the declaration of our total and utter dependence on God. When we pray, we are telling God that we are desperate for Him. We are saying, “yes” to whatever the minute or day or future holds … even before we know what that is. We don’t have to drop to our knees or close our eyes to pray. Prayer is the continual conversation between our heart and His.

Prayer should be our first response … instead of our last resort.

So how is your prayer life? 

Let’s Pray

Father, I confess that instead of praying, I try to work things out on my own. I turn to so many places when I should turn to You. Teach me to pray, Lord.

In Jesus’ name,


Now It’s Your Turn

Pray! I believe the main problem with our prayer life is simple – we just don’t pray. Prayer needs to become a habit that takes second place to nothing. Pray about everything. Create a prayer journal in which you record prayers and praises. Right now, celebrate the gift of prayer – and pray!

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