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What Are You Gonna Wear? - Girlfriends in God - February 27, 2020

  • 2020 Feb 27

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February 27, 2020
What Are You Gonna Wear?
Gwen Smith

Today’s Truth

Strength and honor are her clothing, and she can laugh at the time to come. (Proverbs 31:25)

Friend to Friend

For years I loved watching a makeover show called What Not To Wear. On each episode, two professional fashion experts worked with a fashion-mistake-maker, threw away or donated all that was wrong with their pathetic, what-were-you-thinking wardrobes, and taught them how to select garments and a hairstyle appropriate for their shape, coloring, lifestyle, personality and workplace. 

It was fascinating to watch the makeover-target light up when they finally stepped into the look and style that best showcased the person they really were on the inside and wanted to be on the outside. 

Tears were usually shed, often on my sappy, I’m-so-happy-for-her couch, and confidence always rose in the heart of the one who’d finally learned the right clothes to wear. 

At the end of each episode they had a party. 

It was a reveal with tons of family and friends of the newly-made-over person ... and me. 

I celebrated with them in my heart as if I was actually at the party because I felt like he or she was my personal friend by the end of each episode. (I know. I know. Welcome to my crazy. Prayers please.) 

Don’t you just love a good makeover? 

We see the most incredible makeover of all times in Psalm 104 when God made something out of nothing. Bam! Try to top that, professional fashion people! 

In the beginning, God’s reveal of creation was an epic, six-day episode of amazingness that clothed the earth with immovable foundations (v5), covered it “with the deep as with a garment” (v6), and ended with a rest party (Genesis 2:2-3). 

Psalm 104 appreciates God through His creation and gives us a glimpse of what God wears! He’s “clothed with splendor and majesty,” (v1) and wrapped “in light as with a garment” (v2). 

This got me thinking. I see what God wears, which is completely awesome by the way, but what does the Bible say I should wear? 

I grab my Bible to gaze into the mirror of God’s heart for me. 

Proverbs 31 gives terrific fashion advice for the woman who wants to walk worthy of God’s call by wearing what honors Him. 

It tells me to wear nobility (v10), goodness (v12), and a strong work ethic (v13). I should also put on service to others (v15), intelligence and wisdom (v16, 26), kindness and generosity (20), and courage (v21). 

“Strength and honor are her clothing, and she can laugh at the time to come.” (Proverbs 31:25

I want to dress beautifully in the eyes of the Lord, inside and out. 

God wears splendor and majesty. 

When I ask Him to suit me up with strength, joy and dignity, His light wraps around me as a garment and showcases his splendor and majesty. 

Let’s Pray

Master Maker,Thank You for showing sides of Your splendor and majesty in creation. Please forgive me for the times I choose to wear the wrong soul-things. Show me Your ways and what thoughts, behaviors and choices best represent You. Please clothe me in Your strength, wisdom, goodness and courage, and wrap me in light so others may see You in me.

In Jesus’ Name,


Now It’s Your Turn

Where does this find you today? What have you been wearing lately? What would those closest to you say you’ve been wearing?

Read Psalm 104 and spend some time in responsive worship.

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