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Hands-On Faith - Week of December 16, 2013

  • 2013 Dec 16

Hands-on Faith for Families
Week of December 16, 2013

A Servant's Heart Is Trustworthy

Play: At the beginning of the day, give your children something of little value, such as a full sheet of paper or an egg, to take care of for the day. During your devotional time, ask your children how they cared for it. Let them show its condition.

Talk: Sometimes we are asked to do things that don't seem important to us. However, completing the tasks we're given is important to God. We should not look at how big, fun or popular a task is. Instead, we should think about how each thing we do, no matter how small, is a chance to serve God. When we wholeheartedly do what God has asked us to do, such as be kind to and help others, He is pleased with our faithfulness (Matthew 25:23). What are some little ways that you can serve God today?

Pray: Thank God for giving you opportunities to work for Him.

—Cortney Whiting



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