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Hands-On Faith - Week of September 15, 2014

  • 2014 Sep 15

Hands-on Faith for Families
Week of September 15,2014

Theme: Jesus is Lord

Christ Is Lord of My Resources

Play: Name several resources needed to live (food, clothing, shelter). Ask your children to point out various businesses that supply these resources (grocery stores, retail stores, home improvement stores).

Talk: Many resources help us survive, but God tells us not to worry about them (Philippians 4:19). He is Lord over our resources. This means He is in charge and we can trust Him to take care of us. God even looks after small creatures. We often see birds, squirrels and insects collecting food. They each have a place of shelter, which protects them from the cold and rain. God provides exactly what they need.

Sometimes, God blesses us with resources beyond our basic needs, and He expects us to use those resources wisely. We should use all the things that God has trusted us with to honor Him. How can we honor God with our resources?

Pray: Thank God that we don’t have to worry about anything because He supplies all our needs.

Naomi Cassata


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