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Harvest Daily 10/12/04

Harvest Daily Devotional
by Pastor Greg Laurie

October 12
It Is Finished!

So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, "It is finished!"  And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit. - John 19:30

On the cross - beaten, bloodied, and humiliated - Jesus accomplished His purpose of saving the world from its sins.  With a loud voice, He proclaimed the battle cry of the cross, "It is finished." 

These words, "It is finished" make up a deep and powerful phrase.  It could be translated several different ways.  One manner of translation is, "It is made an end of."  It can also mean, "It is paid" or "It is performed" or "It is accomplished."  Each one of these translations provides a different insight into Jesus Christ's purpose on the cross.

What was made an end of?  Jesus ended our sins and the guilt that accompanies them.  What was paid?  He paid the price of our redemption.  What was performed?  Christ performed the righteous requirements of the law.  What was accomplished?  He accomplished the work that the Father gave Him to fulfill. 

Jesus Christ finished His work on the cross for you and for me.  That was His purpose, His mission.  Now our purpose, our mission is to believe in Him.

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