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Harvest Daily - July 22, 2005

July 22

Staying in Step


“Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?” (Amos 3:3)


Awhile ago, I was having problems with my German shepherd whenever we went for a walk.  If another dog came anywhere near him, he would go crazy and lunge out at the dog, even if it wasn’t bothering him.  When I shared this with the people who gave him to us, they asked me how I was walking him.  I told them how, a lot of times, I would take him out, turn him loose, and let him go wherever he wanted to.  Sometimes he would chase rabbits.  When he was done, I would take him home.


They told me I couldn’t do that anymore, because I was letting him run wild.  They said, “The problem is that he is too ‘doggy.’ ”  They went on to explain how he needed to be reminded of who his master was.  They said I needed to get him on his leash and use a muzzle device.  I started using it, and I found that it did work.  I would just pull on his muzzle a little bit and he couldn’t go after that rabbit.  He had to go where I wanted him to go.  After awhile, I took the muzzle off.  Now he no longer needs that device.  I am the master and he is the dog.  He just goes where I go.


We can be like that with God.  We say, “Here is what I want to do, Lord.  You come with me.”


But God says, “That is not the way it works.  I want you to be more like Me.  I want you to get in step with Me.  I want you to go where I am going.”  When we do, we are living the Christian life to its fullest.



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