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Harvest Daily - July 8, 2005

  • 2005 Jul 08

July 8

The Teaching of the Holy Spirit


“But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things. . . . ”

—John 14:26


I have been amazed at what God can do in a person’s life as he or she looks into His Word.  I have spoken to teenagers who have told me, “Here is what the Lord showed me in the Word of God today. . . .”  As I listened, I discovered it was deep.  It was profound.  It was insightful.  And it was from God.  Then I think of some unbelievers I know who are in their 50s, 60s, and 70s.  Their lives are so shallow, so one-dimensional.  Meanwhile, a young teenager who has been studying God’s Word under the illumination of the Spirit has been given the knowledge of the ages.  This is what God’s Spirit can do for us.


And this is what can happen when we read God’s Word.  For example, maybe you have grappled with a certain problem.  Then as you were reading the Bible one day, a verse suddenly jumped off the page and spoke to you.  It is as though it had been written for you.  “This is exactly what I am going through,” you are thinking.


This also happens when God’s Word is being proclaimed.  Maybe you are sitting in church and listening to the message.  As the pastor is speaking, you think, This is for me.  I was just asking the Lord about this yesterday.  This is exactly what I was dealing with.  You start to wonder if the pastor has been reading your mail.


But this is the work of the Holy Spirit.  Only He can do that.  He not only converts us and assures us of our salvation, but He teaches us as well.



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