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Harvest Daily with Greg Laurie - May 19, 2006

Friday May 19, 2006

Abide in Me


By this we know that we abide in Him, and He in us, because He has given us of His Spirit.

—1 John 4:13


Too many people look at the Christian life and think to themselves, I can’t do it. I can’t live like that.


Listen. It’s not that we live for God through our own power. God does it through us. Yes, He wants our cooperation. Yes, He wants us to yield to His will. But it is God who gives us the strength to accomplish His will. Being a Christian essentially means Christ living inside of us. Christianity is not just about believing in a historical Jesus. It’s not just about trying to follow His example. Christ Himself came into our lives and He is changing us.


When Jesus forgave the woman caught in adultery, He promised three things (see John 8:1–11). First, He told the woman that her sins can be forgotten. He didn’t mention her past. He never said, “Now let’s talk about all those sins you have committed.” That’s not what He said. What He did say was, “ ‘Neither do I condemn you’ ” (John 8:11).


Second, Jesus told the woman that she did not need to fear the judgment day (see John 8:11). Just as the Lord did not condemn her, He also doesn’t condemn us. She didn’t have to be afraid of the judgment day, because Jesus would not condemn her; therefore, she no longer needed to fear death.


Third, Jesus gave her new power to face her problems. He told her, “ ‘Go and sin no more’ ” (John 8:11). In the same way, when you become a Christian, God gives you the strength to live the way He longs for you to live.


Have you recently been caught in the act of sin? Or perhaps you have been playing around with sin. I suggest that you come to Jesus as fast as you can and turn from that sin. That’s when you will hear those words, “ ‘Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.’ ”

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