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A Light for My Path - HomeWord - April 30, 2019

A Light for My Path

This devotional was written by Kelly McFadden

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. —Psalm 119:105

It was summer and I was one of three camp counselors leading a group of seventh grade campers on a two-night backpack in the Sierra Mountains. As we finished dinner the first night, we realized one of our camper’s medications had not been packed. It was a critical medication; two of us would need to leave that night and retrieve the medicine.

Flashlights in hand, we took off on our night hike. About an hour and a half into the hike, though, my flashlight’s batteries ran out and it became almost impossible for me to see. We continued, but I had to stay very close to my fellow hiker and peer over his shoulder so I could see where I was stepping, trying to avoid stumbling over roots and walking off the path.

The Bible is the light for the Christian’s path. It shines brightly at our feet and helps us see which way to go, which decision to make and how to live a life pleasing to God. This world is filled with darkness and evil and the Bible is there to be our guiding light. God’s Word helps us stay on track and keeps us from walking the wrong path or tripping over roots that try to pull us down.

Although we shared the light the rest of the way, it was difficult for me to rely on his light. Perhaps you have found yourself caught in a similar spiritual situation as well. Instead of seeking God for answers and looking to Him and His Word, we only ask a friend for advice. The problem is, sometimes they get it right and sometimes they don’t. First and foremost, we must know what God directs us to do. We know this when we pray and read our Bible.

On the trail, the light worked best when pointed at our feet showing us one step at a time. Once we took that first step, we could then easily see where to take the next step. Don’t sit paralyzed waiting for all your answers before you trust the Lord. Once you take a small step of faith towards Him, He can show you the next one. His Word is the lamp at your feet and the light for your path.


1. What makes it hard to take that first step of faith?

2. Make a list of three ways the Bible has helped guide you and thank the Lord for being your light.


Psalm 119:129-136; Luke 11:1-10

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