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HomeWord - Aug. 24, 2010

Thank You for Me 

This devotional was written by Kelly McFadden

Yet, O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. —Isaiah 64:8

My friend's little girl said her first prayer the other day. She sat with her dolly on the floor, folded the doll's hands into her lap, and then in her sweet 2-year-old voice, she prayed a simple prayer, "God, thank you for…me and thank you for health." We laughed as we thought about it, loving that the first thing she thanked God for was herself; however, it then struck us how profound this little prayer was.

As an adult, I am often critical of myself. I am my own worst critic because I know my own thoughts, see all my flaws, and am there every time I blow it! Usually when I pray to God about me I am asking for help, clarity, discernment, wisdom, guidance, discipline, blessings or a fix. I can't even remember the last time I thanked God for just making me, me.

It seems haughty or self-centered, but in the simplest form, I think it is exactly what God wants from us. In the Psalms we find that God knit us together, carefully forming us from the beginning. He knows each detail and does not make mistakes…no matter what we may think. We have been made by the great Potter for a specific purpose and specific reason. He took great care in forming us just as He wanted us to be. In Romans, the Apostle Paul asks, "Does the pot say to the maker why did you make me like this?" The answer is "no." The potter carefully creates exactly what he chooses out of each lump of clay. Carefully with his hands he determines the shape, size and contour of the pot. In this same way, He carefully made you just as He wanted you. In our response, it is far easier to focus on all we wish we were instead of being grateful for who we are.

Yes, we will always have areas we need to work on. Yes, we should continually strive to develop and better ourselves, praying for growth and guidance. However, take some time today to be thankful for you. Instead of focusing on all that you wish God had given you or wish you could be or do, thank Him for making you exactly as He has.


  1. What things do you like about yourself?
  2. Say a prayer today of thanks to God for you.

Isaiah 64:6-12; Jeremiah 18:1-10; Romans 9:14-24  

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