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HomeWord - August 10, 2015


Getting Your Priorities Straight

This devotional was written by Jim Burns

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. —Colossians 3:17

Amber Thomason punched her alarm off at 7:01 a.m. and rolled out of bed. She meant to get up earlier to have her quiet time but last night she got to bed late—there had been dinner, homework, a phone call, and the TV. In addition, she had dilly-dallied with her make-up and her hair before finally crashing into bed. She had meant to pray then but simply had forgotten. At 7:02 a.m., she quickly started her morning routine, which included clothes, teeth, hair, more hair, a quick bite, and a glance at her homework. Rush, rush, hurry, hurry. She picked up Janine on the way to school, had a great talk about Tyler, complained about Mr. Shelton's class, and gossiped just a little about Marissa and Brandon.

School was a blur. Classes were OK. It was almost summertime. Then, Amber told herself, I will really start spending time with God. In Mr. Shelton's class, everyone talked about God, but they didn't talk to God. She remembered that at youth group Mr. Bodnar invited people to go on another mission trip to an Indian reservation. One of these days, Amber told herself, I would really like to go, but not this time. She was just too busy.

After school, Amber was swamped. At dinner with half the Thomason family present, her mom asked her if she was going to youth group tonight. She definitely wanted to go but once again her homework wasn't done. Instead of going to the youth group meeting, Amber crammed for a math test. Her brother turned on the TV. Amber stopped studying to watch. After a few phone calls, and two hours of watching TV with her books on her lap, she headed for bed. She didn't even remove her eye mascara. Amber stopped for a moment and looked at the devotional on the table by her bed. She was way too tired. Maybe tomorrow she would wake up early.

She woke to the alarm at 7:01 a.m. and rolled out of bed. She had meant to get up earlier and do that devotional but—This summer, Amber told herself, I will get my priorities straight. Of course, that is what she had said last summer, too.

Can you relate to Amber’s schedule and even her desire to spend time with God? Amber means well, she just never gets around to putting her priorities in order. What if she made a three-month commitment to God to spend a few minutes a day with Him? Does that seem too difficult? How about you? What if you made a three-month commitment to God to spend ten minutes a day with Him? Can you do that? Do you have the time? Is it worth the energy?

Today, make a commitment to give God ten minutes a day for the next three months. These devotionals can assist you in your times with God. It is a challenge from me to you. Here's my guarantee: if you spend ten minutes a day with God on a regular basis for three months you won't be the same person you were when you started. OK, it's a challenge, right? Go for it. You'll be glad you did.


1. Will you make a commitment today to give God ten minutes each day for the next three months?

2. Read Joshua 1:8. How might this scriptural promise in this passage motivate you?


Psalm 119:1-3, 9-11 

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