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HomeWord - Feb. 10, 2009


The Lord’s Way 
This devotional was written by Jim Grams

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, this is the way; walk in it. Isaiah 30:21

Isaiah spoke those words to the people of Zion a long, long time ago. Long before the world could even dream about Global Positioning Systems. I was riding with a friend awhile back who had a GPS in his car. I heard a stranger’s voice telling us to get ready to turn right, then left and then telling us we had arrived at our destination. If my grandfather could have slipped out of heaven and joined us in that car, he would have said, “God is telling us where to go!”

God the Holy Spirit is our spiritual GPS. He is the voice behind us that says, “This is the way, walk in it.”  The Living Bible says it this way…“And if you leave God’s paths and go astray, you will hear a Voice behind you say, No, this is the way; walk here.”

It is so easy to leave God’s paths. The distractions and attractions are everywhere, calling us to leave His paths. I prayed with a teenager recently that had strayed from the right way and she had lost her way. But that Voice was speaking, she listened, and God, in His love, was present to give her direction. Our God is awesome!

God is always ready to give us directions. He longs for us to tune in to His voice and allow Him to direct us, and to show us the paths of joy and victory. Our Heavenly Father never makes a mistake…He never says, “Sorry, I was wrong. Go back a block and turn left.” Never! It is an incredible thing to hear God say, “This is the way; walk in it.”  God wants to help us walk His paths!

Going Deeper:

  1. Be sure your Spiritual GPS is turned on, that your desire is follow God’s direction. 
  2. Learn to listen with your heart. 
  3. Ask God right now if He has a new direction for you. 

Further Reading
Psalm 25:4-5; Psalm 119:105

Jim Grams lives in Glen Ivy, California where he divides his time in ministry as an Associate Pastor and with HAVEN Ministries. 

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