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HomeWord - May 26, 2006

This devotional was written by Kelly McFadden

“…Now Abel kept flocks and Cain worked in the soil.  In the course of time Cain brought some of the fruits of the soil as an offering to the Lord.  But Abel brought fat portions from some of the first born of his flock.  The Lord looked with favor on Abel and his offering, but on Cain he did not look with favor.  So Cain was angry and his face was downcast.”  Genesis 4:2-5  

I heard a story the other day about two twin boys who love Skittles candies, especially red ones.  When one of the brothers opens a bag of Skittles, he immediately pulls out all of the red ones and places them in his pocket.  That way when he offers Skittles to anyone else, he still gets his favorite just for him.  The other brother, who loves the red equally as much, keeps all the colors together and offers others a choice of any color.

This sounds a lot like how we, as Christians, live our lives.  We know God wants the best from us, yet we cheat him and hold on to the best for ourselves.  Just like Cain, we give some fruit…not the best.  We make sacrifices that fit into our schedule and match our priorities.  Out attitude is wrong, our motives are shaky.

What are you offering God?  Are you keeping the best for yourself and giving him only the things you don’t mind giving up?  How is your attitude?  Are you a joyful giver or do you tend to be tightfisted?  Do you recognize all the blessings the Lord has given you and in turn give blessings to others?

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1.    Think about a time in your life that you have not given God your best.  Why did you not give Him your all?

2.  Why does God want more than sacrifice, what part does your attitude play in giving?


Proverbs 21:27; Mark 12:41-44; Hebrews 11:4

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