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Plugging In - Homeword - October 22

Plugging In

This devotional was written by Jim Liebelt

And so we keep on praying for you, that our God will make you worthy of the life to which he called you. And we pray that God, by his power, will fulfill all your good intentions and faithful deeds. —2 Thessalonians 1:11 (NLT)

More and more, we are a culture that is dependent upon technology. I find that I rely heavily on technology today. Like many people, I own a cell phone, laptop and an iPad. These are great tools that I have learned to depend on from day to day. So, there’s no surprise that these electronics are dependent on… electricity. I pretty much run my electronic “tools” on battery power and generally, it’s not a problem. Yet, if you are like me, then you know it always seems that it’s at the worst possible moment—when we really need to make a call on that cell phone or send off one more text—that the batteries inevitably go dead. It’s so frustrating!

Okay, I know that I bring this upon myself! I understand that I ought to keep on top of my battery charging, but I just don’t seem to get around to it. I think I ought to have learned by now that I need to keep these tools charged, especially when I can anticipate times when I have tasks that I need to make sure are completed. Often, anticipating the need is the issue and is exactly where I run into trouble.

This is a simple, average life experience that has a profound spiritual parallel. We understand we are totally dependent on God to empower us to live life as faithful Christ-followers. We know that we have to stay plugged into the power source in order to be able to face the day-to-day challenges that life throws our way. Yet too often, we fail to anticipate our spiritual need. We disconnect and attempt to live life in our own strength. And just when we most need God’s life flowing into ours, we find that our spiritual batteries are dead. Then we experience the remorse that comes from knowing better.

Fortunately, God’s power to recharge our lives is not far away. We don’t have to shut everything down, pack everything up, and wait for next Sunday’s church service. We can access God’s power wherever we are through prayer. We can find strength in His Word. We can find support and empowerment through His people.

Today, if you find your spiritual batteries are running low, don’t wait. Wherever you are, plug in!


1. How are your spiritual batteries? Are you in need of recharging?

2. What situations are you facing where you can invite God to fill you with His power?


Ephesians 1:18-21; 1 Peter 1:3; Luke 12:35-40

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