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Sharing Your Story - Homeword - February 16

Sharing Your Story

This devotional was written by Doug Fields

Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, —Matthew 28:19a

If we really want to live life differently and to accelerate spiritual growth, we must learn to care for other people’s spiritual conditions.

When I use the word care, I’m referring to something deeper than simply being nice. Nice is nice. I appreciate it when someone opens the door for me or pulls out my chair. But caring for others involves something much more than being nice. I want to challenge you to learn to care for someone’s spiritual condition, to care about his connection with God, or care enough to make sure she knows about the good news of forgiveness and eternal life.

I know it’s not popular these days to talk about evangelism. Many Christians don’t even like that word anymore. But, I’m not asking you to do anything fanatical. In fact, if it’s easier for you, I want you to put aside the word evangelism if there’s too much negative baggage connected to it.

Instead, I’m inviting you to fall increasingly in love with God. That’s the plan. Fall in love with all His majesty and glory and goodness. Get to know the Savior as never before. When that happens, Scripture says that the love of Christ will compel you (2 Corinthians 5:14). When we know God intimately, that gives us a new power to care for the spiritual condition of others. Then, as God gives you opportunity, simply share your transformational story with others, where they can be exposed to an option that can move them from stuck to starting anew, with a Power that is greater than their own.

The important thing to remember is that people are hurting and can benefit from hearing about your experiences with Jesus. People in pain need to hear that they’re not alone and that someone else has made it out from underneath the pile. People who are lonely need to hear about how you’ve found community. People who live without a relationship with God need to hear that life is so much better when they discover it’s not all about them—it’s about God. People who are caught in a lifestyle of sin and darkness need to hear the story of someone who lived there and found the light.

Sharing personal stories about Jesus reveals the power of God. You don’t have to be a perfect Christian, have everything together, or know all of the answers. God invites you to be in the process—and perhaps, along the way, help someone else get a fresh start. When that happens, hold on…you’re in for a spiritual growth ride of your life.


1. In your life, what connection have you seen between knowing God and talking about Him with others?

2. What is your spiritual story? What would you tell someone about the impact God has had on your life?


John 4:1-42; 2 Corinthians 5:14

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