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Take Off the Mask - HomeWord - October 11, 2018

Take Off the Mask

This devotional was written by Elizabeth Cole

When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. —Proverbs 11:3

Have you ever noticed how many of the superheroes put on masks when it’s time to do their “superhero jobs”? They wear these masks to hide their true identity. This is one of the reasons I like Superman so much. When he’s doing his superhero thing, being who he truly is, he takes OFF his mask -- those big ol’ black-rimmed glasses. When he’s doing what he was made to do, he’s doing it fully revealed, more himself than any other time.

Today, there is a heart-cry in our society for authenticity. We’ve been disappointed over and over by those who, come to find out, aren’t who they said they were. If we’re honest, maybe it’s true in our own relationships with other believers. If we’re even more honest, maybe we’ve been the cause of another’s disappointment and perhaps that disappointment wasn’t due to something unsavory revealed in our lives, but because we were unwilling to reveal anything real in our lives. Why the masks? I wonder sometimes if our very DNA includes the chromosome labeled “image.” And behind image lies the word “pride.”

Dream for a moment. What would our lives look like individually if we took off the masks and relied solely on God’s power to do what He’s planned for us to do? It would mean hopping off the pedestal…it would mean being just the “signpost”….it would, indeed, be humbling. Think further: imagine the impact of God’s people in this country (and the world) if, once and for all, we chose to remove the masks and crusade against our own pride and fight for truth -- real, authentic, life-sharing, humble truth. It’s time to take off the mask.


1. What area of your life are you hiding behind pride? Would you be willing to share that area with another believer whom you can trust and who will hold you accountable?

2. Consider what you do in ministry for God. Is pride hampering you in any way? Will you surrender your image over to God for His safekeeping?


1 Peter 5:5-7; Ephesians 4:1-7

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