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Change Is Constant, But So Is Jesus - iBelieve Truth: A Devotional for Women - March 8

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Change Is Constant, But So Is Jesus
By Keneesha Saunders-Liddie

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and foreverHebrews 13:8

When my daughter was born, it was a truly momentous occasion. She was beautiful to both me and my husband, but we couldn’t figure out who she looked like. Everyone who came to the hospital asked the question, “Who do you think she looks like?”

As the days turned to weeks and then to months, my daughter went through many changes. At first, she lost weight and her skin peeled. Even though I was at home with her, I didn’t see the changes in her features until I started looking at all of her photos. She had definitely changed! Sometimes, she looked like her dad, but as she started getting older features more resemble me. As we watch her grow up, we see the hand of God as he’s still fashioning her in the way he designed her.

You might be wondering ok, so what does your daughter’s ever-changing features have to do with Jesus being the same at all times?

Well, there is one thing in this life you can guarantee: change is constant.

You will experience changes throughout your life. Even if you try to avoid change one day, you will realize that the world around you is totally different. You will wake up and realize everyone has moved on and left you behind.

However, there is someone who will never change. He is a constant in the lives of believers and nothing about him, what he has promised, or what he has done will ever change. His name is Jesus and he will be the same, yesterday, today and forever.

There will never be a time where God will speak to you and tell you that the debt that Jesus paid on your behalf is no longer valid. There will never be a time when God's promises won’t apply to you or benefit you.

Our Savior doesn’t even deal with time. He has already told us in his Word that 1000 years is 1 day in him. Once the former creation passes away, time will be no more, and eternity will begin.

And even there in eternity, he will still be the same.

Aren’t you happy that you serve a God who will always be there?

When your husband forgets his vows, steps out of the marriage on you or just comes to the conclusion that he doesn’t love you anymore: Jesus will never change.

When your children forget everything you’ve instilled in them since birth and get into trouble with the law or forsake their first love: Jesus will never change.

When you’re hurting because your mom or dad has forgotten who you are and now it’s hard to introduce your kids to their grandparents: Jesus will never change.

Although we live in a society where change is constant and almost fashionable, we have an anchor in Jesus and can always depend on him because he will never change.

God is not only immutably (unchanging over time), he is also omniscient (all-knowing). He knows our past, present and future. This is why it’s important to trust God’s plan for our lives. It won’t be every area that will produce yesterday’s result of blessings. You may be experiencing trying tests in your present, but don’t give in. Everything that happens to you, God will use to accomplish his good purpose.

So, if the blessing isn’t pouring like yesterday, remember that God already knew what will happen before it does and he will never change.

Dear Jesus,

I am so happy that you are immutable and that I can always depend on you. Thank you for being the same yesterday, today and forever. Thank you for the future that I can look forward to knowing that you won’t ever change your mind and that you’ve got me.

In Jesus' name,


Keneesha Saunders-Liddie is a wife, mom and writer. She is an avid reader of wholesome romance novels and a lover of writing. She is hoping to one day add author to her list of accomplishments. As a pastor’s kid she fell in love with the way Jesus loved her at an early age and want to encourage others to live for him through her words. You can find more musings from her here https://womenlovinggodsway.com

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