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Leading The Way - Week of September 23

Week of September 23

Overcoming Life's Monotony

Consider for a moment an average person in an average home who wakes up early in the morning to beat everyone into the shower so that he can get ready and get on the road to get to work on time. He works hard all day and then jumps back into the car to beat the traffic home, so he can sit down to eat and watch television. He sets his alarm and goes to bed so he can begin the whole process all over again. Does this life sound familiar?

In the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes, King Solomon says that there is Ecclesiastes 1. There is monotony, he writes, and there is boredom in our lives. But a life lived with God, in fellowship with Him, under His authority, is a life of joy and fulfillment. All humans can live a life of emptiness, boredom, and meaninglessness living without God, or they can experience a life full of joy, excitement, and contentment when they live it with Him. 

Throughout Ecclesiastes, Solomon warns us saying, “Please, do not go where I went.  Please, be forewarned about living your life the wrong way. Learn from my failures, and do not make the mistakes I have made. Live in fellowship with God. Live under the authority of God.” He says the temptations we will face in life are not worth the trouble they will cause, and cautions us against falling prey to them. Much of our worldly pursuits in life will bring us nothing but emptiness, misery, and disappointment. A life without God’s leading is a life without purpose and meaning.

But thanks to God, there is a better way! A life that is lived in fellowship with God, a life lived under the authority of the Word of God, a life which is lived by the principles given to us in the Word—that life will be meaningful. That sort of life will be purposeful. That life will be joyful and fulfilling. That life will be a blessing to you and to others. Most importantly, that life will be a blessing to God.

The good news is that those who are experiencing a personal relationship with the Son of God will not only find contentment in this life—they will know with all assurance that the day is coming when they will have perfect knowledge, perfect bodies, perfect memories, and perfect stamina. And the reason that they can have this full life is that they know who they are and to Whom they belong. They know their purpose for living and they know their ultimate destination.

Are you experiencing emptiness, drudgery, or monotony? You can change direction, and you can do it today. You can begin a life of meaning, a life full of purpose, a life with the absolute and perfect assurance of your ultimate and eternal destination. If that is your desire, then you can say to the Lord, “Lord, I am tired of living a life of emptiness and monotony. I want to live a life of purpose; I want to live my life for You and for Your Kingdom.” And God will answer that prayer—of that you can be sure. In His time, you will begin to live a life full of joy, peace, fulfillment, and contentment. Only God, His truths, His purpose, and His Word can give your life the meaning you have always wanted.




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