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Getting a Haircut - TGIF - Today God Is First 12/15

Getting a Haircut

December 15

"There I will give her back her vineyards, and will make the Valley of Achor a door of hope" (Hos 2:15).

I walked into the local hair salon for only the second time and sat down to get a haircut. "Hello Donna, how are you?" I said pleasantly. All of a sudden she looked sad-eyed at me and began to cry uncontrollably with her head on my shoulder. "Donna, what's wrong!?"

Donna began to tell me how her marriage was in a crisis and her husband was being abusive. She told tale after tale of years of drug use by her husband. The other customers were all quietly sitting in their chairs as this was taking place. As Donna began to settle down we began to talk and eventually we prayed together right there in the hair solon.

I gave Donna a few books to read and invited her to our house for a prayer gathering we were having. It would be months before Donna could do anything but vent about her husband and the pain she was experiencing. Our home fellowship group prayed for Donna that night. Every two weeks, I would get the latest on her situation. Donna had been a church-going person up to this point but had little understanding of a walk with God. Gradually, over time, Donna began to gain strength. She ultimately was divorced by her husband and became free of the abusive relationship. But, sadly, she lost her relationship with her daughter through the conflict.

However, God came to Donna through different people. First he sent a man (me) to sit in her chair who could share the love of God. Then God sent ladies who invited her to a Bible study that began to build a spiritual foundation in Donna. She soon made a recommitment to her life and became baptized.

Today Donna is a different person. She has broken free of the harmful co-dependent abusive relationship. She has entered a new, love relationship with her Savior.

Donna is the first to admit it took the Valley of Achor (trouble) to bring her to the end of herself and to seek God with her whole heart. Today, Donna is a servant of Jesus masquerading as a hair stylist.

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