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Everyday Romance - I Do Every Day - February 10

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Everyday Romance
By Tracy Lane

Ever feel like you have no time left for romance?

I feel ya.

But perhaps we’re defining romantic and sexy encounters all wrong.

Maybe cooking dinner together naked in a candle-lit kitchen isn’t on the menu this week. But it’s likely you still have a lot of regular romance going on.

If romance is all roses and bubble baths, it starts feeling like something you’ll never achieve. But romance is doing something special or unexpected for someone you love, even though you don’t have to.

Sometimes just looking for ways to help or be kind to each other is far more romantic and sexy than you realize. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon (consider this your reminder!), spark some simple, everyday romance.

  • Set her coffee cup next to the coffee maker in the morning before she is out of bed.
  • Kiss each other goodbye every morning.
  • Buy his or her favorite snacks when you grocery shop.
  • Give him a night off from helping the kids with homework.
  • Put your arm around her in church. Don’t let the kids sit between you.
  • Cook your spouse’s favorite dinner.
  • When you come home from work, embrace each other for longer than a quick second.
  • Text that you’re thinking of her.
  • Reach over and hold his hand.
  • Compliment your favorite physical feature of your spouse. Then compliment her heart.
  • Split your dessert.

Romance doesn’t have to be hard or even well planned. All it takes is a thoughtful, intentional moment in your regular day.

Looking for more ideas? Read “25 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples.”

The Good Stuff: If I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. (1 Corinthians 13:2)

Action Points: Be intentional about small acts of romance and kindness. Looking over this list, choose one (or two) you can implement today. Then pick something for tomorrow, too.

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