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The Gift of Nothing - I Do Every Day - February 23, 2023

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The Gift of Nothing
By Lisa Lakey

I once gifted my husband a stack of t-shirts. But these weren’t just any tees.

As he unfolded each one, he laughed. Each shirt had some saying or picture from a show we had binge-watched together that year. And during that time, we watched a lot of TV.

Our son was a baby, and our daughter was in Girl Scouts and gymnastics after school. Date nights were nonexistent, and life felt a little crazy.

So after both kids were tucked in each night, we kicked our feet up and just watched TV. Too tired to talk, we laughed (or cried). We were shocked (and saddened). We felt a full range of emotions and experiences while never leaving the couch.

And if you would have asked us at the time, we would have both said our marriage was stronger than ever.

Often, we think marriage should be filled with deep conversation and romantic gestures. And when it isn’t, we think something’s wrong.

These things are good. They definitely have their place. But I’ve found some of the best times in our marriage were when we were comfortable doing absolutely nothing.

But doing it together.

Not every phase of life will allow for TV, snuggles, and laughs at the end of the day. So if that’s where your marriage is today, embrace it.

Consider doing nothing a gift.

Could your soul use a “staycation”?

The Good Stuff: And he said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.” (Mark 6:31)

Action Points: Connection doesn’t have to be complicated. Today, find something you and your spouse can just share together, without any added pressure. Binge watch your favorite show, play a board game, even window shop. Keep the conversation light, and just enjoy the gift of each other’s company.

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