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Moments with You Couples Devotional 2/6

  • 2019 Feb 06


Basketball Gods

You shall have no other gods before Me. EXODUS 20:3

Some people thought Karen was the best basketball player to ever come from her state. After leading her high-school team to back-to-back appearances in the championship game—once as a winner—she earned a full-ride scholarship to a major college program and capped off her career with a great run in the NCAA women's tournament.

Drafted by a professional team and offered a startling salary as a rookie, she was set to live her childhood dream. For as long as she could remember, basketball had been the focus of her life. And now it was paying her back. Big time.

But strangely, just as she was reaching the pinnacle of athletic success, she slipped into an unexpected funk. She felt uncharacteristically empty and purposeless. After all her sacrifice, after all her incredible achievements, she couldn't seem to shake free from whatever was oppressing her. Months passed without her being able to draw up enough energy for a single workout. She gorged herself on junk food, and her weight ballooned. The date to report to her pro team came and went. She was literally losing it. One afternoon, Karen summoned the strength to pick up a basketball and take a few shots in the gym. Within a mere matter of minutes, discouraged by her lack of precision, she put the ball away for good.

The very thing she had once hoped to be her ticket to success had eaten her alive. Idols can do that, you know. There's nothing wrong with basketball—or business or music or writing or entertainment or decorating—but when something becomes the focus of all your dreams and attention and energy, it becomes an idol in your life. For all intents and purposes, you begin worshiping it instead of God. Nothing can satisfy us like God. And nothing should replace Him in our affections.

How many false gods could you name in your life? What are you hoping they'll do for you?

Ask God to protect your heart from being deceived and to give you an overwhelming desire to worship Him and Him only.  

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