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No, No! Bad Roomba! - I Do Every Day - October 1

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No, No! Bad Roomba!
By Jim Mitchell

A few years back, some neighbors of ours became internet famous when their hilarious family saga, now known as “the Poopocalypse,” went viral in all its gooey detail.

The short version: One night while the family was sleeping, their dog, Evie, pooped on the living room rug. A typical accident for a young pup and not a big deal … until, of course, their loyal Roomba awoke at 1:30 a.m. for its pre-scheduled vacuuming. Finding the pile of poop on the rug, the dutiful robot spent the next few hours meticulously massaging it into every crease and fiber of the wood floor and carpet.

Imagine the horror! What should have been a confined mess and an easy spot clean the next morning had turned into nightmarish streaks across the entire home. It's mind-boggling how far a small mess can reach when spread thin enough.

Mind-boggling, but not all that uncommon. I’ve seen it in my own life many times. Not on the floor of my home. Unfortunately, in way harder-to-reach places—the corners of my mind and heart.

It seems to start innocently. Somewhere along the course of my day a thought will form based on an interaction with my wife. Nothing earth shattering or heavy, maybe just a hunch from something she said, or didn’t say, or said imperfectly. Or an impression created by a simple non-verbal signal that struck me the wrong way. Normal and typical marriage stuff ... until, of course, the Roomba in my mind awakens and starts spinning impression into suspicion, hunch into assumption, thought into a lasting grudge.

Before I’m fully alert to it, what could have been a confined mess and an easy spot clean has become an unappealing smear on our relationship. No, no! Bad Roomba!

Could your emotional response make a mess of your relationships?

The Good Stuff: We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ. (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Action Points: What thoughts about your spouse have been left on the living room rug of your heart and mind lately? Capture them now while the clean up is easy. Then wake up tomorrow to a marriage clean and fresh.

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