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Moments with You Couples Devotional 11/2

  • 2018 Nov 02


Trash Talking

His song will be with me in the night, a prayer to the God of my life. PSALM 42:8

Barbara and I diligently tried to teach our children about God and His Word.

We studied the Scriptures with them. We prayed with them. We dialogued often about life issues, casting them in terms of biblical worldview and morality. And yet, some of the most encouraging moments came when we saw God Himself reaching out to them.

One story stands out. Our son Samuel went through some tough times as a teenager when he was stricken with a rare neurological disorder that slowly robbed him of his athletic abilities. Boys he once trounced on his way to becoming one of the top-ranked tennis players in the state were now beating him and laughing at his failure.

On another occasion, he was trying to add some memory to my computer and ended up erasing the hard drive and eliminating a substantial chunk of written material that I had created. He felt terrible about that. Soon after, the engine burned out on his truck . . . not just one time, but three times! It was one trial after another, over and over. I felt like I'd lost all ability to encourage him. My words, though true, sounded so hollow sometimes.

But one day as he was taking out the trash at home, he slung one of the cans into place at the top of the hill, and out of it—incredibly—floated a crumpled piece of paper that fell to the ground at his feet. On it were written all the words to the Twila Paris worship song "God Is in Control."

It was just what Samuel needed to hear.

When Samuel told me about this experience, it was a powerful and emotional moment for me as a parent. I knew God was reaching down and inviting Samuel to trust Him and have a relationship with Him.

God is in control, indeed.


How are you teaching your children to believe the truth about Him and trust Him with their lives?


Pray that your children will increasingly know and trust Jesus as their Lord, the lover of their souls.

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