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Just Do Something - I Do Every Day - April 11

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Just Do Something
By Ben McGuire

I’d probably been standing in the store aisle for 20 minutes, staring at a TV I’d seen at three other stores, comparing the product description on display to the one on my phone.

“What do you think? This is the newer model, but the other one is $20 cheaper.”

“Honestly…I don’t see a difference. Just make a decision,” my wife said patiently. Pointedly.

Jill enjoys making fun of my decision-making process, but it also frustrates her to no end. We couldn’t be more opposite in our approach.

She’s quick, impulsive (though not unwise), decisive, verbal.

I calculate, analyze, and internalize.

It’s the trivial decisions she finds the most comical—where nothing’s really at stake.

But there are times—when more is at stake than a television—that my indecisiveness can be paralyzing and overthinking overwhelms me. All to make the “perfect” choice: one with no regrets.

I want the best for my wife and family, but I just can’t move.

In those moments, she just needs me to lead by doing something (anything) that moves us in a positive direction. She doesn’t need me to be perfect.

Just like she gently nudges me in the store aisle toward a decision. My wife’s gentle nudges encourage me toward leading our family well.

Facing a big decision? Here are some questions to ask yourself to give clarity.

The Good Stuff: In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. (Proverbs 3:6)

Action Points: Men, in what areas could your wife need you to take a stronger lead? Ladies, in what ways could you respectfully encourage your husband in his leading of the family?

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