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Moments with You Couples Devotional 4/21

  • 2019 Apr 21


Pilot Light 

The unfolding of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. PSALM 119:130

On a rainy December day in December 1925, U.S. Army pilot Carl Crane was flying a congressman’s son back to Washington, DC, when he became disoriented in a thick expanse of clouds. He was 8,000 feet over Detroit. With no gyroscope on his instrument panel to tell him his rate of turn, he didn’t know if he was flying level with the earth or was banking into a free fall. Soon, he had swooped into a spiral dive and had lost complete control of the aircraft. 

But attempting any rescue move was a gamble. If he tried to level the wings, he was just as likely to roll upside down as right side up. If he tried to raise the nose, he might simply drive the plane more sharply into the ground. Finally, with his altitude shrinking to under 1,000 feet, he caught sight of the sign for the Statler Hotel. He had just missed clipping the top of it. He now had only seconds to pull up. But with the lights of the buildings giving him guidance and perspective, he righted his plane and found his way to the Detroit River, which he followed back home, “shaking all the way.” For us, the words of the Scriptures are like the lights of Detroit were to Crane on that misty night. They are divine points of perspective that give us our true bearings in every situation. They explain why we behave the way we do—and which way to turn when we’ve lost our way. If we will follow the Scriptures like the pilot followed the river, we will be led to a safe landing. The trip may be bumpy. There may be some jostling during the flight. But the way will be made plain. God’s Word will guide us home. 


Think of a time when God’s Word gave you clear direction. What are the Scriptures telling you about a situation you’re in right now? 


Pray that you will get your true perspective and heading from the Bible and guide your family in doing the same thing.

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