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Moments with You Couples Devotional 5/21

  • 2019 May 21

MAY 21

Keep Going Strong 

These all with one mind were continually devoting themselves to prayer. ACTS 1:14 

I know how hard it can be to stay consistent with your devotions. I’m sure that in the course of reading this book together, life has served up numerous excuses not to take this so seriously. But I hope the following testimony will be as encouraging to you as it is to us—a reminder of how important your time together in prayer and God’s Word really is: Last year was kind of rough on our marriage. We’ve been trying to have children, but to no avail, and as a result of that frustration and a combination of being apathetic about our marriage, we both began to wonder if it was even right for us to be together. (This became quite evident at the end of a seven-day cruise we took.)

On our way home from the cruise, I found a couple’s devotional book in an airport shop and showed it to my wife. She just rolled her eyes, like I was trying to make a smart remark. But when we got back home, I bought Moments Together for Couples and put it under the Christmas tree, labeled “To Us.” My wife opened it on Christmas morning, and we made a pact that we would read it this year. It has done wonders for us! We have communicated more in the last seven weeks than we have in our entire marriage. We have learned things about each other that we had never known. We both want our marriage to work, and now it shows. Nowadays, I can’t wait to get home from work and see my wife. It reminds me of when we first started dating. I love her more each day.

For a couple that was putting the “pathetic” in apathetic, this book has helped us get out of that awful rut.


Talk about some of the best benefits of being in God’s presence together— things you never want to live without again. 


Pray for a steadily growing desire to be with God and each other.

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