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Moments with You Couples Devotional 5/25

  • 2019 May 25

MAY 25

Rock Solid 

He set my feet upon a rock making my footsteps firm. PSALM 40:2

Yesterday I shared a poem that I use often when I’m speaking or talking with someone about divorce, especially about how it leaves children feeling “split in two,” as Jen Abbas put it. Actually, Jen experienced this twice—once at the age of 6 and again at the age of 18, when her mom and stepfather divorced. The second one caught her as she was leaving home for college, a time in life when she expected her family to be there for her, both to launch her and to provide that “solid patch of land” we all need when we feel unsupported or insecure. 

But I want you to see again—and be blown away by—the power of the gospel as it descends upon a person who is lost and alone. When the land cracked under Jen’s feet as a college freshman, she jumped— just hoping to land somewhere. She was wide open to any belief system that would win her hand. Islam. Budaism. Taoism. Buddhism. Questioning everything, she went in search of something—anything—that wouldn’t prove fickle and fleeting, the way her parents’ love had. But in her quest for spiritual security, she found every path closed and incomplete. There was only one path that stood out—the one with the element of grace embedded in it, the one that wasn’t about what she did but about what she could be given. Divorce had taught this young woman that if you’re not always alert, constantly scanning the horizon for warning signs, love could leave. But in the person of Jesus Christ, she discovered that she was loved regardless of her performance. He changed her life.

There’s hope for children of divorce—who make up 40 percent of adults today. Hope in Jesus Christ. Hope in His grace to forgive and in His power to help you forgive as well.


Share with one another how the love of Jesus Christ has helped you forgive another person.


Thank Him for His great salvation—He is the only rock any of us truly have to stand on. 

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