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Last Meeting of the Day … But It’s Mandatory - I Do Every Day - June 12

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Last Meeting of the Day … But It’s Mandatory
By Ed Uszynski

I most need Jesus when I’m standing on the porch at the end of the day.

Walking up the driveway, climbing the steps, about to enter the house.

After a day of giving in various ways, I’m ready to be served. Check out from my life for a while. Have people care about me. Unwind on my terms.

Be old-school, college-dorm-room, living-by-myself selfish for a few hours.

But different agendas reside inside the home attached to these steps.

A wife who’s been running all day herself, managing her own work and a houseful of kids.

Four people are inside who are all in need of more attention. Kids who think almost entirely about themselves, and a spouse who would like to—just like me.

One step in the door, and our lives will jumble together like kindling waiting for the first spark of self-centered, failed expectation to start the blaze.

Unless I make a pre-emptive, supernatural choice for one more meeting.

Unless I stop on the porch and remember Jesus saying that in order to find life I’ve got to lose it. (Luke 9:24).

Or Paul telling me not to merely look out for my own interests, but also the concerns of others (Phil. 2:4)—to be a living sacrifice (Rom. 12:1,2).

Peter exhorting me to use my gifts to serve others (I Pet. 4:10).

The Holy Spirit waiting to help me live these living words if I’ll let Him.

Maybe you’re a wife standing on the porch with a husband inside or you meet on the porch after a childcare pickup. Different circumstances, same need.

If I’ll take 30 seconds to meet with Jesus before walking inside, and if my wife has recently done the same, beautiful things happen.

But if not? Well, you know what that looks like.

So I’d better make time for one more meeting on the porch...

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The Good Stuff: If you really fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing well. (James 2:8)

Action Points: What does your default mode look like at the end of the day? What do you usually crave or wish for? Whether you have a porch or even cross a threshold at the end of the day, set a reminder on your phone for this last meeting of the day, and make it mandatory.

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