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Moments with You Couples Devotional 6/12

  • 2018 Jun 12

June 12

Lacking Nothing

He did not leave Himself without witness, in that He did good and gave you rains from heaven and fruitful seasons. ACTS 14:17

Dollar dilemmas. If you're like most couples, you've already had some high-thermostat conversations about money. In many marriages, one spouse grips a dollar bill so tight that Washington has tears on his cheeks, while the other has greasy fingers.

Barbara shared recently that when we started our marriage, she felt as if she had to ask before spending virtually any money. I recall that as a new husband, I had no idea of how she felt about what I thought of as our money. We were not on the same page in how we looked at our finances.

We realized that if we hoped to reconcile our differences or our account balances, then we needed to develop a mutual understanding about our finances that was the same as God's.

Over time, we learned that the foundation of our attitudes about money should be our understanding of Him as Provider. When Jesus' disciples returned from a trip, He asked them if they had lacked anything along the way (see Luke 22:35). Their answer? "No, nothing." They trusted Christ and their needs were met.

This spiritual principle is true today. During our entire marriage, Barbara and I have relied on His provision through His people. Simply put, we receive a set salary if (and only if) our supporters give enough to cover that amount every month. Every month is like Christmas, seeing how God has provided. (In fact, we also do not take royalty payments for our books or receive honorariums when we speak at FamilyLife events or conferences.)

Over the years, we've experienced God's provision in hundreds of ways.

Every paycheck is hand to mouth . . . His hand to our mouths! Even now, He melts our hearts as we find Him knowing our situation, understanding where we are and moving with faith-building power to supply our genuine needs.


What are some ways God has provided for your needs together as a couple?


Thank God for His provision. Ask Him to help you recognize Him as Provider during times of abundance or times of need. 

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