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Handwritten Notes - I Do Every Day - June 2

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Handwritten Notes
By Sherri Oehme

After a recent move, my husband and I are still working through the boxes of stuff we’ve collected along our 31-year marriage journey.

Yesterday, he pulled a small plastic tub from a moving box and laughed. It was filled with cards I’d saved—birthday wishes, anniversary blessings, notes from friends, and Mother’s Day “I love you” scrawls from my littles (now bigs) with hand-drawn pictures of me holding flowers.

I don’t treasure the pretty pictures on the front or the printed message inside. It’s the handwritten words that are special to me. Those manufactured out of the heart of the sender.

“Thanks for being the coolest Mom and my best friend!”

“You make everything I do worth doing.”

“You’re a wonderful friend, and I’m blessed to have you.”

But apparently, I’m not the only one affected by written words.

Loading our clothes into the dresser today, I found two saved pieces of paper left in a drawer on my hubby’s side. The first was a calligraphy piece I had made for him using the words from Song of Solomon 1:3-4. (Talk about steamy!)

The second was a full-page list I’d given him years ago, entitled “When I think of why I love you, it’s all about … The Little Things”. It included calling to tell me something quirky he just heard on the radio. Grocery shopping with me. Talking to me with his eyes …

He may not have saved the dozens of cards I’ve given him over the last three decades, but my written words (and God’s) meant enough to him to earn a forever spot in that drawer.

And his heart.

Need some inspiration? Read “How to Write a Love Note.”

The Good Stuff: My beloved is radiant and ruddy, distinguished among ten thousand. (Song of Solomon 5:10)

Action Points: Tuck a quick love note in a place where your spouse would least expect it—maybe under their pillow or in a shoe. Or spend time writing a real letter, expanding on specific reasons why you love them. You may just earn some extra real estate in your beloved’s keepsake drawer.

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