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All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go … Woo-hoo! - I Do Every Day - August 15, 2023

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All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go … Woo-hoo!
By Bruce Goff

I picked her up at 8:00. She looked stunning.

She had her hair in curls, makeup done just right, and she was wearing a white jean jacket with a pretty dress.

I had on a red tie and was looking not-too-shabby myself. We took a stroll to our reserved spot for our date.

The living room.

A box of cereal and a Nintendo game awaited (I promise we're older than 7).

With a 3-year-old and an 11-month-old, this was our most romantic night in a while.

If you've got little ones and the idea of paying for babysitting makes your Dave Ramsey budget tremble, consider a “stay date.”

Now I don't mean just streaming something while you both scroll through your phones until you fall asleep.

I'm talking about creativity, fun, anticipation, and intentionality.

My wife and I decided to take turns planning. On my first turn I bought a used video game that was easy enough for a beginner* (Kirby's Epic Yarn, if you're curious). I put on an old-timey jazz station. And I found a recipe for hot chocolate made with cereal, which we made together.

We laughed, we kissed, we indulged in amazing hot chocolate (among other things), and remembered we liked hanging out together. And we didn't talk about the kids … too much.

That worked for us. Whatever you do—plan it, get excited about it, and make it fun. When it was my turn, I thought about the details in the days leading up. I mean, I even got those little cinnamon sticks for the hot chocolate.

So if you're in need of a date night or a little bored with how things are going, try a stay date.

And hey, together you might even save the universe from some evil cartoon villain.

*If the world was Princess Toadstool and my wife was Mario, we'd all be doomed. That is to say, my wife is video game challenged. But I still love her.

Need some ideas? This article can help with your stay date.

The Good Stuff: Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. (Romans 12:10)

Action Points:

  • Run the idea of a stay date by your spouse. They might love the idea, or it might not resonate with them. Don’t assume either way.
  • If your spouse is up for it, volunteer to plan a stay date.
  • Get creative! Make it fun!

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