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Getting Away Without the Kids - I Do Every Day - August 16, 2023

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Getting Away Without the Kids
By Carlos Santiago

On our “babymoon,” we leaned over the railing of the cruise ship balcony and realized life as we had known it was about to change.

To that point, we had enjoyed five wonderful kid-free years of marriage. Would this be our last getaway alone?

The reality and responsibilities of parenthood can be overwhelming. Is it okay to get away without the kids and enjoy time away as a couple?

This is what we’ve discovered.

1. Your kids aren't the only ones that need attention.
Marriages need attention, too. A strong relationship will likely handle a short season of neglect, but you'll need a plan to ensure that season doesn't become the new normal. A marriage left on autopilot too long will eventually crash.

2. Happy Marriage = confident children.
It’s hard to hear our children cry for us as we walk out the door on vacation. But contrary to how it seems in the moment, when children see parents loving each other, it provides security and comfort.

3. Kids learn it isn’t all about them.
A critical truth to learn in life is that the world doesn't revolve around you. They may not like that you are going away without them. But what you are doing is ultimately in their best interests.

When we disembarked from that cruise ship, we knew that our life would soon change, but we were determined that our commitment to each other would not.

And after 25 years of marriage, I still can't wait to spend time with my wife.

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The Good Stuff: Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. (Romans 12:10)

Action Points: When was the last time you got away with just your spouse? Sit down with your spouse and plan something in the near future. Even if it’s just asking Grandma to take the kids for a night at home, it’s a win for your marriage.

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