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Moments with You Couples Devotional 8/26

  • 2018 Aug 26


The Perfect Setting (Part One) 
by Barbara Rainey

You husbands in the same way, live with your wives in an understanding way. 1 PETER 3:7

Our sixth year of marriage was a season of suffering. It included financial problems, the death of Dennis's father and a serious health scare of my own, followed by an unplanned pregnancy.

That summer, our friends Dr. Jim and Ann Arkins, seeing our struggles and exhaustion, invited us to join them for a four-day getaway to Mazatlan, Mexico. It seemed to be just what the doctor ordered.

After a wonderful dinner with our friends on that first full day, we returned to our room. A gentle breeze was blowing, and the moon was peeking around a thunderstorm on the horizon. As we lingered on the tiny balcony watching the last fading colors of the distant sunset, we were serenaded by the music from a nearby cabana.

While the setting was close to perfect, the two people were not. And we were about to find out how different our needs were.

Dennis began lighting some candles. He was making assumptions that seemed logical to him. There were no children to interrupt us . . . the room was warm and quiet . . . it was the perfect time for love.

I also had some assumptions. Even though we'd had a relaxing day, we hadn't had much time alone for the two of us to just talk. Since my health scare and pregnancy, I had become fearful, timid, confused and introspective.

I hardly knew what I was feeling or how to express it.

So on this perfect night in this perfect location, what I needed was not what my husband needed. I wasn't opposed to making love eventually, but first I needed him to help me sort through what I was feeling and reassure me that everything would be okay in my life.

How did we resolve our differing needs?

I'll finish my story tomorrow!


Can you relate to the story I've just told? What do you do when one of you is "in the mood" and the other is not?


Ask God to give each of you a discerning spirit so that you can know how to meet each other's needs regarding sex and intimacy.  

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