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Just a Little Bit More - I Do Every Day - September 13

  • 2019 Sep 13

Just a little bit more

By Lisa Lakey (with Tom Davis)

One of the richest men in the world at the time, John D. Rockefeller, was once asked, “How much money is enough?” His answer: “Just a little bit more.”  

Is it bad that I can relate to this? 

Maybe not more money, necessarily, but a bigger house, nicer car, a newer phone. Who doesn’t want an upgrade? 

But Rockefeller’s line of thinking does not come without consequence. For life. Happiness. Marriage

When contentment is not available in what God has given, I’ll seek it elsewhere. 

Depending on the “upgrade” for any one of us, that could look like accumulating heavy debt, bitterness and anger, even seeking an intimacy upgrade outside of marriage if I feel my spouse isn’t measuring up. 

Ecclesiastes 5:10reminds me, “He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves wealth with his income; this also is vanity.” 

If I’m focusing on finding contentment in the wrong things, I’ll never be content with anything. So where should I find it? A few verses later, the author of Ecclesiasteswrites that it is good “to eat and drink and find enjoyment in all the toil … under the sun the few days of his life that God has given him …

Instead of wishing for the latest gadget, I can be thankful I have a phone at all. And even more for a spouse I can talk to face-to-face each night. Instead of focusing on all the ways my husband falls short, I’m going to choose to see his strengths. Like his sense of humor and superb grill-master cooking skills. 

But above all, my contentment needs to be found in Jesus. And if I’m falling short, I can always trust Him to give me “a little bit more.” 

Struggling to find joy in the mundane? Read “3 Keys to Living in Contentment.” 

The good stuff: “... one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions” (Luke 12:15).

Action points: How much money, stuff, etc., is enough for you to be content? Do you believe that Christ is able to meet your every need and satisfy your every longing? Talk openly with your spouse about any areas in which you struggle with contentment. 

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