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Kombucha and Other Matrimonial Hazards - I Do Every Day - September 6

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Kombucha and Other Matrimonial Hazards
By Ed Uszynski

Amy catches me cutting through the kitchen. “Here. Drink this.”

Like a racoon, I don’t eat or drink anything “new” without smelling it first. Besides burning my nose like smelling salts, this glass of whatever has the whiff of jet fuel. No thanks.

She’s standing over a huge vat of the stuff with what looks like an alien pod growing in the middle of it.

“My gosh, Amy … what IS this? And why are you trying to poison me?”

It’s kombucha, she says, and goes on to explain that it’ll help fix my stomach by adding good bacteria to it.

“Kom-what??” Now I’m surprised to feel myself even getting a little angry.

I won’t get into all the backstory of why my stomach needed help, but after resisting for weeks, I finally relent and start drinking it down.

And she ends up being right. For the millionth time about something like this, she’s right.

And here I am again, reflecting on our marriage and wondering when I’ll learn.

How many times have I started by reacting negatively—almost aggressively negatively—to something Amy is trying to introduce to my life, only to realize after much conflict it’s exactly what I needed?

Look, I like the security that comes from knowing where my personal lines are drawn.

But God keeps moving them. And sometimes erasing them.

Forcing me to let go of control even of my likes and dislikes to get me to a new place. And He often uses Amy to do the work of moving me.

That drives me crazy, but it shouldn’t. It’s one of God’s gifts for marriage, and I’m pretty sure it’s only pride that blocks me from enjoying it.

So think twice before blocking whatever “kombucha” your spouse is serving up today.

It might actually help. Drink up!

Frustrated your spouse won’t listen? Consider that they might just have a different communication style.

The Good Stuff: Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another, for “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” (1 Peter 5:5)

Action Points: In what area(s) do you tend to mentally or emotionally block your spouse’s suggestions? Why do you feel like digging in? Ask God for a responsive heart toward your spouse.

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