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5 Ways to Engage More Deeply with God's Word This Year - New Year Devotional - January 20

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5 Ways to Engage More Deeply With God’s Word This Year
By Britnee Bradshaw

Today's Bible Verse: “Keep my commandments and live, And my teaching as the apple of your eye. Bind them on your fingers; Write them on the tablet of your heart.” – Proverbs 7:2-3

The wonderful thing about God’s word is that it is so powerful in changing everything about our lives! It aligns us more closely with the heart of God because He and His word are one!

I’ve created a list of 5 ways we can engage more deeply with God’s word this year so that our lives can look, feel, and be more like Christ’s. I hope this lists helps you in your personal pursuit of God’s word and that you are encouraged to engage with it more deeply this year than ever before!

1. Prioritize Quiet Time

We can’t sustain a Christian lifestyle on the scraps of a Sunday sermon, or a bible study. Being quiet before the Lord every day deepens our relationship with Him, and in turn, it strengthens our ear to hear Him speak to us. Engaging the Word of God is no good if we don’t prioritize engaging the actual person of God, and doing so on a daily basis.

2. Choose a Scripture a Day to Meditate On

After we’ve had our quiet time with the Lord, it’s very easy to go on about our day without truly meditating on what we’ve studied. To meditate means to think deeply or carefully on, or to rehearse, something for a period of time. The more we surround ourselves with God’s Word, the more it will become embedded in our hearts and the more deeply we will engage it.

3. Talk About the Word in Your Day to Day

This is probably one of my favorite ways to engage the Word of God. Incorporating it into the rhythms of our lives is, essentially, what makes us more like Christ! I love weaving Scripture into my normal routine like cooking dinner, or watching TV. There is no part of our lives that there isn’t a scripture for! We don’t have to be super deep about this either. It can be as simple as asking ourselves, “Am I cooking food that is going to help build my temple (body) and strengthen it, or is this meal going to hurt it or tear it down?” It is so easy to live by the word when we actually apply it to the regularities of our lives.

4. Flip Moments of Frustration or Anger Into Teachable Moments

Our emotions are given to us by God. And most of the time, not all, but most, we are justified in feeling the emotions we feel. What matters is how we interact with those emotions! So, when we feel frustrated or angry, we can take the emotion itself as a sign that we need to bring God’s word into the situation. This is part of being on guard, which Scripture reminds us about, but it also serves as a way to engage Scripture in the hard moments. The hard moments are some of the best times to use Scripture because it strengthens our ability to not submit to our emotions, but to submit to Christ’s lordship over our lives!

5. Invite the Holy Spirit Into Your Prayer

Prayer is our direct communication to our Heavenly Father. It’s through and by prayer that we understand who we are and what God wants us to do. It’s also through prayer that we build a beautiful relationship with Him. Sometimes, our prayers can be convoluted with our own desires for ourselves vs God’s desires for us. There’s nothing wrong with us asking for things in prayer! However, that shouldn’t be the reason we pray. We pray to know God’s will and understand what he desires, so that we can walk in that. One thing that I’ve been working to implement in my prayer life is asking the Holy Spirit to come and be an active participant. To speak to Him, and then to still my heart and mind and allow Him to speak back to me. The Holy Spirit knows all the secrets of Heaven and he reveals all things to us as he is led by the Father (1 Cor 2:10-12). He (the Holy Spirit) knows the mind of God and will help us to pray effectual prayers!

How are you engaging more deeply with God’s Word this year?

This devotional was taken in part from 10 Ways to Engage More Deeply With God’s Word This Year. You can read that piece in full here.

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