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The Things That Happen to Me - One Year Devotions for Women

And I want you to know, dear brothers and sisters, that everything that has happened to me here has helped to spread the Good News. - Philippians 1:12

When you’re pressed for time or in a bind, it’s hard to think of those around you.

I was trying to finish up a big writing project and meet my deadlines. I boarded the plane and settled down to study. The man next to me began to read my notes over my shoulder! O Lord, I prayed, I don’t have time to talk. I need to get ready for the challenge of the day.

He is the challenge of the day, the Lord seemed to say.

The man began to question me, and I somewhat reluctantly put my books away to give him my full attention. Later, as we began to land, a light aircraft spun across our path, and our pilot dived sharply, narrowly avoiding a collision. Everyone screamed—including me!

“I bet you just said a prayer or two,” my companion gasped, ashen-faced.

“You bet I did,” I replied, “but I’m ready to go! That doesn’t mean it won’t be scary getting there, but God has my life in his hands!”

“I’m not ready to go,” the man said quietly. “I’m scared to death!”

“Maybe you’ve been scared to life,” I suggested.

I cannot afford to shut myself off behind my Bible from the people who live in the world. People come first, before papers that have to be written or study that needs to be done. It’s a lesson I have to learn over and over again.

For Further Study: Philippians 1:1-19

Excerpted from The One Year Devotions for Women, Copyright ©2000 by Jill Briscoe. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers. All rights reserved.

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